Images Needed for Photo Gallery!

GMSAA is in need of your photographic skills, well maybe your parent's photographic skills. We are adding a new photographic gallery to the website and need you to send us your photographs. The gallery will be broken down into the following categories:

• Reunions,
• Formal Balls and Informal Dances,
• Athletics: Varsity and Intramural Sports,
• Parades, Drills and Military Events,
• General Cadet Life and Goofing Around (not that we ever did that),
• Miscellaneous,
• Plus, we need some pictures of Cadets with Family and Friends at and around GMS.

If you have photographs you would like to share and have access to a scanner, scan your photographs at high quality, full resolution JPEGs, original size, or you can scan at 300 dpi, TIFFs, also original size. Email them, with the information noted below, to:

Please add a brief caption of what the photo is about and most importantly who is in the photo.

When you send these include your name and a note stating these are your photographs and you give permission to the GMSAA to use these photos on the website.

Or, if you would rather send us the original photographs (but will take an extremely long time to post on the website), please send those to:

GMS Alumni Association
P.O.Box 922
Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901

Thank you for your help,
Mike Ruth, Class of '69


Sent an email earlier about a small photographic find. Some from the Final Ball 1969, and a few others with girlfriends and some dorm life. I will have a digital scanner in about 5 days so I can convert them to files for the GMSAA use.

A few scanned in GMS things from the past are on the way... Garry