2024 GMSAA Reunion: The Thought Process Behind the New Schedule

From the Reunion Committee: After the new year the board organized a Reunion Committee to research what were the best options going forward. The Board members making up this committee were: Michael Crews (Association VP), Denton Staley (Association Sec), Steve Downer and Bear Baker.

On April 8, after discussion of their recommendations, it was unanimously agreed that the schedule now on the website be adopted for this upcoming 2024 GMSAA Reunion. If you have done so, please refer to the Reunion Schedule.

The rationale for the new reunion schedule is as follows. Concern was expressed at the elimination of the Saturday evening activities. Financial reports have shown that Saturday events have been our major expense in the past and is where we have the best opportunity to reduce costs. This proposal eliminates the need for the Student Center and another catered dinner. This also saves us the cost of hiring a group of musicians from outside the area, a cost that burdens the association’s members.

Attendance records show that the numbers have been declining at the Saturday Night Dinner Dance activity as expenses climb. It became obvious that this was the best place to cut expenses and still offer dancing at the Sharp center. To continue the Saturday evening activities and not dip into operating funds would require an increase in prices. This increase possibly could further lower the numbers willing to participate.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The GMSAA Board