Your Stories Need to be Written

Good 1st Weekend of March to you:
Sorry for this long windy post.

I am an avid reader of WW2 personal histories and memoirs. My bookcase has more books that describe the stories of the men and women who struggled so valiantly to keep the world free, than novels. There is something in those books that provide me a grounding in my place in the world. We can learn a lot from reading about other people's stories.

Denton Staley and I were talking a few nights ago. Think about this fact, there are a lot of our comrades who were juniors at GMS when it closed, thereby missing out on the final tradition many of us enjoyed. We should do something to recognize them. Denton told about one cadet who wanted to write something about this but didn't know where to start. We should encourage those who want to write about this experience to do that. 

GMS closed 52 years ago and we still have attachments and strong memories of our time in Lewisburg. We really should hear from the Class of '73. As far as I know there has never been a recognition of what these guys went through. Can we encourage this for the next reunion? Perhaps have a program for these guys from what should have been the Class of '73, (an honorary diploma?). A few of them do show up each year. Plus, how did this closing impact the class of '72 being the last class?

My niece graduated high school in the spring of 2020. It was very traumatic for 2020 high school kids to graduate, yet not graduate like they were planning on. She wrote an editorial for the Columbus Dispatch which she has given permission to share and use as a template.

Another thing we were discussing was starting a column on our website we thought might be called "War Stories".   We would like to see stories of things that occured while we were at GMS. Everyone has something funny or not funny to share. I know I had my share of escapades. For example: Phil Fullerton (a roommate from 1967-68) and I strung over 300' of bell wire on the roof of D company to use as an antenna for my Hallicrafter multiband radio. The better story is how we got on the roof. (You know there was a lot of cadet activity on the roof of GMS, none of it authorized.)

Currently we have a space on the website which we call Greenbrier Remembrances, ( But rarely used. Perhaps we could rename that or start a new column altogether.  We would need help in promoting people into writing for it.  Could there be potential to compile those articles into a printed piece that we could offer for sale where profits could benefit scholarships.

Just some thoughts that have been on my mind. If you have any stories to share email them to me at:

Mike Ruth, Class of 1969