Greenbrier Leadership Institute Challenge 2011-2012

During the past four years, your Greenbrier Leadership Institute (GLI) of the Greenbrier Military School Alumni Association achieved considerable growth in its mission to pass on the leadership qualities and traits we learned as cadets. When the last retreat formation is held for our alumni, the only thing remaining with real staying power will be the legacy of leadership, we leave behind for future generations of young people.

Our goal is to build and expand the GLI to a point, which will put it on a path to sustainability and growth. When we were in Lewisburg this past October, we were invited to have lunch with Jim Justice, owner of The Greenbrier Hotel and GMS Alumnus, to discuss the GLI and the benefits it provides to the students of Greenbrier County. He recognized the value of our principle based leadership program and wanted us to expand it within Greenbrier County . He issued a challenge to the alumni of our GMSAA. He will provide $75,000 a yeart for three years to expand the GLI program within the Greenbrier County School System if the GMS Alumni will match his offer.

This is a unique opportunity to permamently establish and expand our leadership program as a lasting tribute to Greenbrier Military School, while providing a needed sevice to the youth of West Virginia. Please contribute as much as possible. so we can reach our goal of $75,000 for each of the next three years. Our first year campaigh begins now and will end on 1 September 2012

Beaman Cummings '63
Executive Director GLI


It would be appropriate to name this endeavor the Greenbrier Military School Leadership Institute. Then, it would memorialize GMS instead of just being another organization with Greenbrier as the first name. There are hundreds of such named organizations in this state. It would be something I would get behind if I felt GMS was getting the recognition for it. Beeman, consider the name change so GMS will get the credit for the program and then the Institute really will be a memorializing program for GMS. at least as long as the money holds out. I keep looking for an official grant which is mentioned multiple times on the websites and the Greenbrier Record, but all I find is that Mr Jim Justice said he`d match donations. This is not a grant and , if this is what is being referred to as a grant, then it is misleading. If a grant from an accredited agency has been obtained,GREAT, but an unofficial comment from Mr Justice is not guaranteed even though he is wealthy and a marvelous philanthrope.