Can you identify anyone in this picture?

We have so many pictures as this one-- a good picture, but we don't know who is in it.
Could anyone identify individuals in the picture L to R in the Front row or Back row?

The only person I can think of in the attached is Ruben, longtime black cook, middle of back row.
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I know all of those guys. I'm standing to the left of Reuben Jones. This was a 1949-1950 photo.

I wonder how many are still with us. Cowboy, I'm still a DAMN Yankee.

sitting, L to R Stephenson, Reiser, Mattocks, Bradley, Worsing, Larimer, Woodard, Robinson standing, L to R P. Davis, Steele, Pugh, Thompson, Dickerson, Reuben Jones, Shearer, Middleton, Arbuckle, J. Wilson A good bunch of guys

But, names,what year?

The servers that I remember were like football players. And those 'damn' good tall biscuits; and cooked apples from the dark side kitchen on Sunday morns...

Gary Mattocks, Greg Bradley, Gerry Steele, Jim Robinson, Lynn Pugh, Cowboy Dickerson, Dick Shearer