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Dr. John McElhenney Society

Nearly two hundred years ago, Dr. John McElhenney began The Lewisburg Academy, the school that would eventually become Greenbrier Military School. Who could have imagined in 1812, the potential significance of this young Presbyterian minister’s commitment to education? Because of one man, thousands of young men have benefited from his determination and foresight.

It is fitting then, that as we approach the two-hundredth anniversary of the founding of our school, your Board of Directors has established the Dr. John McElhenney Society to honor those alumni and family members who have, over the years, contributed considerable financial support to the Greenbrier Military School Alumni Association. The upcoming bi-centennial celebration of our school offers us a chance to honor those who have given generously without fanfare or previous acknowledgment.

At this year’s reunion we will be awarding memberships into the Dr. John McElhenney Society to those alumni and family members who have, over the years, contributed $10,000 or more to GMSAA. At time of publication, I am proud to say that there are at least ten individuals who will become charter members in the Society.

If you are near the $10,000 threshold in your giving and wish to be included as a founding member of the Dr. John McElhenney Society, please contact Herb to complete the balance so that we may acknowledge your generosity in October.

Grey Webb, Chairman, Greenbrier Forever 3000