James "Spider" Headman


Headman, James of Wyandotte passed away on July 21st, 2022 at the age of 81. Beloved husband of Judy Headman. Loving stepfather of Tim Goins. James was a life-long member of Elba-Mar Boat Club in Grosse Ile and was always excited to take the boats in and out of the water for the season. He was a member of the American Legion #217 for 51 years, as well as the VFW Post #1136. He also participated in the Breakfast Club of VFW #1136. James was known as a people person and a man with a great sense of humor. He was loved by many and will be missed by all.

Spider spent 4 years at GMS, graduating from in 1960 and returning as a PG 1960 - 1961.


"Spider was my room mate in 1961 and we were officers in the BHQ. At night before the Sunday parade we would practice our Adjutant commands on the drill field . In 1961 , Spider , John Benjamin and David Downs went AWOL .. Destination Fort Lauderdale Florida .. I wanted to go with them but they were post grads and I had'nt graduated yet.

John picked us up around midnight , driving his two door 1949 chevy. We had $ 50 dollars borrowed from girlfriends , food and beer from John's Eagle nest restaurant and off we went to spring break in Ft. lauderdale.Stopped at the Florida border for 10 cent all you could drink orange juice. Puked ten miles later! Hit the beach but Spider didn't have a bathing suit. He went to a shop and bought a $7 Jantzen. John and I were not happy with the high dollar purchase. We were down to $32 after gas and cigarets.We roamed the beach and motels for almost a week with the hoard of spring breakers surviving somehow.Out of cash we went to an employment office looking for any jobs we could get. On our resumes the councilors saw we all had two years of ROTC. Another man with a Spanish accent then interviewed us explaining he might have jobs for us of a military training nature that paid very well. Too well. We returned the next day and were told they couldn't use us. That was our brush with "the bay of pigs" We worked odd jobs for another week and decided our "vacation" was over. I flew home to Cleveland, John and Spider drove north to WV. John and had a long friendship until his death several years ago Sadly I never saw Spider again.